Gino De Nobili
Mondovi (CN)

Other Call Signs: 1GIR029

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Active since 1972 as 1AT29, from the island of Pantelleria then IH9ZYP, IK0RKN and finally iK1RKN, now 1GIR029, I have 261 DXCC countries confirmed in 11 MT.

I use an Icom IC7300, Mic SM30, I have a self-built amplifier with a Metal / Ceramic Svetlana 4CX800 valve, I use Antenna 5/8 omni with Coax cable type Ecoflex15Plus

Lat/Lon Coords:

deg, min, sec
deg, min, sec
Grid Square: N/A
ITU Zone: N/A
CQ Zone: N/A