Chiloe Is. Chile.

Javier Capdebilla
22 de mayo 274
Chiloe Is. Chile.

Other Call Signs: 32RC022,32ET222

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Name Javier
QTH Chiloe Is. (SA 018)

Chiloe's big island, with his traditions and beautiful landscapes, in the end of the world.
Located to 1.220 km to the south of Santiago and to 45 minutes of the continent.

Regards of the end of the Christianity.


Tx Kenwood Ts 450,TX Kenwood TS 140
Antena 4 elements Yagi long Boom
Power 150 W.

Lat/Lon Coords:

43 deg, 10 min, 73 secS
73 deg, 29 min, 84 secW
Grid Square: N/A
ITU Zone: N/A
CQ Zone: N/A